Wasteland, series by Sebastian Arrighi

A series of landscape photographs taken in the photographic camera, in the drained accumulation lake of the Bimont Dam, from 2018 to 2019. Work supported by DRAC PACA through creative aid.

Wasteland is exploring the Bimont Dam retention basin near Aix-en-Provence during its restoration phase between 2017 and 2019.

Dry, the basin is dry for dam reinforcement operations. Deprived of its artificial gallery Campane, the basin sees the Cause (natural river of the site) run from the north face of the Sainte-Victoire and traverse this landscape discovered, usually invisible.

The space revealed by the withdrawal of the waters of the Bimont Dam reveals a kind of fragile and isolated desert, both precisely located and curiously similar to another place, to another space. And in another way of existing where the appearance of witnesses of another time manifest themselves as a body troubled and transformed by the human kingdom.

The series is produced with the help of the DRAC PACA, through a creative aid – 2018.

Much of Sébastien Arrighi’s work is devoted to landscape. From this point of view, his art is part of a long tradition of photography and accepts its classification and genres. But this manifest inscription in a tradition is not an end in itself, nor a way to remain on the convention without questioning or working it. On the contrary, the idea of the landscape is taken here as the vector, or the operator who comes to articulate an investigative approach. The landscape is taken as a body that it is a matter of disturbing, transforming, reinventing perhaps, at least to test and rediscover (…)

Jean Cristofol, excerpt(read the full text here)

Series of 22 images, edited to 5 copies and 2 a.p.Spray prints of pigment inks, dimensions: 24×30 cm, 40×50 cm, 80×100. Cm. Mount on Dibond, wood framing, UV glass.

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Sebastien Arrighi, Le Mas, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, 2018

Sébastien Arrighi

On the verge of visible and invisible and within the aesthetics of discretion, sebastien arrighi observes the landscape that fits into a indefinite continuity of resemblances that keeps a world alive and substitutes itself to the idea of its unity. He explores landscapes in front of his door just as

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Simile, by Sebastien Arrighi

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