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Vallons de ville, by Favret and Manez with Sophie Braganti

The “vallons de ville” are well hidden and inaccessible places for those who want to keep their city costume without a task. We have travelled through these places — attracted by their unspoiled character and virtually untouched by human intervention — but there where we had thought we could have found a place, we found time…

The nature of what we had before our eyes was eminently ambivalent. Was it one of a small ecosystem in relative resilience became forgotten by the city, its invasive neighbour, and which has lived hidden there for centuries; or do we observe the foreshadowing of the state of our planet after the disaster, the ashes deposited on the foliage attesting to its passage?

Our time compass somewhat disoriented, we decided to report on this strange phenomenon by careful observation.

For us, the practice of the photographic camera is not only the best way to obtain in our images a very good rendering of details and a great depth of field, it also represents the most appropriate tool to introduce in our images the thickness and simultaneousness of various temporalities.

Any photograph, because it is produced by a machine — the camera — seems to fall under the blow of a plethora of production that will very quickly make it disappear. Our practice deliberately turns its back on the trivialization of the use of photography in all moments of our lives. In our eyes, photography is not the eternal present contained in the inframincery of the image. Our aim is to create through our work an experience that does not replace reality, but which can account for it by the means specific to this medium.

Literature plays a very important role in our relationship to the image. That is why we asked Sophie Braganti to incorporate the texts she had devoted to her wanderings in the “Vallons obscurs”. This collective work is above all a reflection on the tension created by the presence of the text in the image and which extends its scope.

Anne Favret and Patrick Manez, August 2019

The “Vallons de ville” series includes 9 images published in 5 copies, in all formats. Print sizes vary: 40x50cm, 60x80cm, 135x105cm. These are works with six hands, involving three artists: Anne Favret, Patrick Manez, Sophie Braganti.

The series was exhibited at the Sintitulo Gallery in the summer of 2019. See documents about the exhibition via this link.

All the works in the series are documented on our website. Click on each image to access details and hanging views.

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