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Shivers – Sebastien Arrighi

Sebastien Arrighi, Stairs - 2019/2020. Photography from the series "Shivers"

For two years, these images have been gleaned as exceptional and unexpected representations of an ongoing decline, undergone by a world with preserved appearances. By moving from their main axis to their limits, several tourist sites, several natural Reserves in France, Lebanon and Spain have been explored. These places, usually considerate because of their amenities and our predispositions towards them, prevent us from seeing anything other than the recreational activities for which we visit them. But once struck by disenchantment they can be staggering because of the human projects that shape them, like a series of clues foreshadowing another reality, no longer seem able to mask the vision of potential signs of a general imbalance.

Sebastien Arrighi


These images were made in Corsica, the South of France, Spain and Lebanon. The series was published in the collective book: “Extinction. The World Without UsUrbanaurica – USA, March 2020.

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