Marta Zgierska, Votive Figure II
Marta Zgierska, Votive Figure II

Marta Zgierska, Votive Figure

The series “Votive Figure” refers to votive offerings. The ex-votos (thanksgiving plaques) are set by believers to ask for protection or healing, most of the times addressed to Virgin Mary. These offerings sometimes materialize as a figure in anatomic wax. Their origin is nonetheless prior to Christian tradition. For instance, a votive hand been discovered on a archaeological site in Syria. In any case, the offering often involves a form of forfeiture or a sacrifice to the offerer. Marta Zgierska covers herself in wax and dedicates parts of her body to a new cult: beauty. __ Le chat perché, 2019

Images look almost unreal and might almost make us think they are computer generated. Perfection of the grain of skin is accentuated by the finesse of the print on phot paper. Each portrait and represented part pf the body belongs to the artist. These images result from long performances where the artist has applied on her skin materials like warm wax, beauty masks, tissues or plaster. There is a sacrificial side to this set, as if it aimed to denounce the permanent quest of perfection, sending us back to the origins of the phrase “one must suffer if one wants to be beautiful”. We then think of the harebrained machines to loose weight, or to the tissue masks used in the beauty institutes, at the limits of the asphyxia of the client.

_Le chat perché, Post tenebras véritas – 2019 (trad. from French Cristina Albertini)


Exhibitions views where the series “Votive Figure” has been shown (selection)

Selection of texts and interviews on the series “Votive Figure” Marta Zgierska

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Interview by Amaury Antoine, The sacrifices we make for beauty, “Life Framer”, London, UK, Sept 2019 [EN]

Interview d’Alice Ierace, Colour pop, hot wax and beauty standards according to Marta Zgierska, “Hunger Magazine”, London, UK, Août 2019 [EN]

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Text by Laura Gowen, artgenève, Gowen Contemporary, Geneva, Switzerland, Janvier 2019 [FR] [EN]

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