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Marta Zgierska, Drift

Marta Zgierska, Drift

In this series of self-portraits I treat of the covering motive. The invisible exists on the other side of the surface. It’s a fact we can only imagine from the tension within the matter on the surface. Being inside, I imprint the form of my body, and give matter to the image.

Drift makes reference to my personal experience, the same starting point I had developed in Post: the trying experience of a severe car accident. This work evokes the struggle with this painful souvenir. Metaphorically, it’s the struggle to stay alive when the soul is wandering in black water or in a situation of artificial coma. It is about taming a hostile environment, make it bearable or get out of it towards light.

The exploration of b lack and the birth of form to clair-obscur also corresponds to a tradition of painting. It’s obscurity that allows light to sculpt, to make possible the existence of their movement.

Marta Zgierska

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