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Côte d’usure – drawing and photography by: Anne Favret, Patrick Manez and Jean Philippe Roubaud

Côte d'usure

The series “Côte d’usure” is realised by Favret and Manez and Jean Philippe Roubaud and is a work of photography and drawing. The initial premise is based on a series of photography created by the photographers who took their sharp eyes on the landscapes in wasteland of the Côte d’Azur. If there is a way of “wearing out” of the landscape, there is also a desire to wear out the viewer who must unravel what is played before him. Through his graphite technique, Jean-Philippe Roubaud produces hyperrealist drawings giving a photographic feel to silver salt. Placed below and on the same sheet as a digital print, the two mediums compete on the regular, taking turns usingdetails or panoramas.

Each artist takes on his own strength of evocation of the images and loses the seasoned observer in an upside down of the décor where the image is a façade and the technique trompe l’oeil.

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