Côte d'usure
Côte d'usure - dessin et photographie de Favret & Manez avec JP Roubaud. Copyright des artistes, courtesy galerie Sintitulo. Collection privée.

Côte d’usure – drawing and photography by: Anne Favret, Patrick Manez and Jean Philippe Roubaud

“Côte d’usure” is a set of vertical dyptics each composed of a black and white photographic print and a graphite powder drawing.

The series “Côte d’usure” is realised by Favret and Manez and Jean Philippe Roubaud and is a work of photography and drawing. The initial premise is based on a series of photography created by the photographers who took their sharp eyes on the landscapes in wasteland of the Côte d’Azur. If there is a way of “wearing out” of the landscape, there is also a desire to wear out the viewer who must unravel what is played before him. Through his graphite technique, Jean-Philippe Roubaud produces hyperrealist drawings giving a photographic feel to silver salt. Placed below and on the same sheet as a digital print, the two mediums compete on the regular, taking turns usingdetails or panoramas.

Each artist takes on his own strength of evocation of the images and loses the seasoned observer in an upside down of the décor where the image is a façade and the technique trompe l’oeil.

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Favret & Manez

Favret & Manez

The photographic art of Favret & Manez is a script.  The language they use is being structured by what can be qualified as moments. Of

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Jean Philippe Roubaud

Jean Philippe Roubaud

Jean Philippe Roubaud peint le dessin ou dessine la peinture.  Il utilise le crayon, le pinceau et systématiquement le graphite. Tout commence par l’imbrication du procédé

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Hyperboréal - Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

Hyperboréal – Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

The Hyperboréal photo series was created by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez during a residency in Iceland in 2015. They found the opportunity to continue their meticulous and documented research on the contemporary landscape, which is based on a study of the topographical but also historical, economic or social characteristics of the place.

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Arpenteurs - by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

Arpenteurs – by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

“Is there a world where your past reappears as if it were reality? This world is known to fans of fantasy literature and moviegoers, including admirers of Andrei Tarkovsky or Steven Soderbergh. (…) Anne Favret and Patrick Manez are a bit like the hero of Solaris. They took a closer look at a strange city, the Calern Plateau astrometric observatory located between earth and sky, not so different from a space station.” Michel Poivert

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