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Correspondence, by Sebastien Arrighi

S. Arrighi, Correspondance16

The series appears in the form of a correspondence that Sébastien Arrighi maintains with the landscape of his native Corsica.

Each return to his island reveals new changes. It seems to him that some places would have lost their enchantment at the expense of familiarity with other countries, elsewhere in the world. It is then in quest of wonder that he begins to look for for what is still hidden under our eyes, these few truths with discreet appearances that look like the slippery mirage of ordinary beauty. Buried by habit, these forgotten scenes are proof that the landscape can exist and survive by the tenderness we owe it.

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Spray prints of pigment inks, glued to Dibond, oak framing, anti-reflective glass and UV.” Editions of 5/2. Print sizes: 24 x 30, 40 x 50 or 80 x 100 cm.

Signed and numbered by the artist. Price fo framed works.


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