Series of artworks

The series “Votive Figure” refers to votive offerings. The ex-votos (thanksgiving plaques) are set by believers to ask for protection or healing, most of the times addressed to Virgin Mary. These offerings sometimes materialize as a figure in anatomic wax. Their origin is nonetheless prior to Christian tradition. For instance, a votive hand been discovered on a archaeological site in Syria. In any case, the offering often involves a form of forfeiture or a sacrifice to the offerer. Marta Zgierska covers herself in wax and dedicates parts of her body to a new cult: beauty.
__ Le chat perché, 2019

The series of photographs depicts various beauty cosmetic masks. Captured in a photographic studio immediately after their use, they get the appearance of abstract sculptures or spatters of paint on canvases, all in delicate and sweet tones of color evoking the decor of a girlie’s room. Nonetheless, this palette of friendly colors is broke by a disturbing form, causing associations with the autonomous structures, snatched from the body within sterile, medical conditions.

__Zofia Krawiec

“Zgierska’s confrontation with memory doesn’t off􏰂er catharsis, but sugg􏰆ests instead a maze without centre, growing ecentrically around an event that subsequently disappears, leaving only the outline of a lost, unforgettable trauma.” __ Darren Campion

«My first photographs were like an incantation to fear…», thus describes Marta Zgierska the the infinitely silent ans slow process bringing her back to life, after the accident and her broken body. A life after, a life “post”, where the extreme attention to her own vulnerability is the only means to escape. We all know we are mortal, of course, but feeling it is another thing. Marta Zgierska will invent a language of survival through refinement, concentration and allegory. In her images, meditation upon death and the mad but clinical desire to come unstitched go side by side and one would remain voiceless and like petrified as so much grace and abstraction may constantly miss narrowly the abyss.

Diane Dufour was, at the time of this text, the director of BAL – an institution for emerging photography in Paris.

With the “Encres flottantes”, Arnaud Vasseux takes up an ancient Japanese technique whose gestures and elements are the least numerous and the simplest: suminagashi. A water-filled bin serves as a testing ground. The traditional ratio is reversed: instead of pouring the ink on the paper, the paper is placed on the surface of the ink. It is the sheet that captures, by simple contact, the ink film that floats on the surface of the water.

– Current Series – Shivers is a series of landscape photographs made by Sebastien Arrighi in France (Corsica), Lebanon and Spain.

The series, presented at Fotofever Paris 2019, appears in the form of a correspondence that Sébastien Arrighi maintains with the landscape of his native Corsica.

The series is a work of photography and literature, the result of the collaboration of the couple of photographers Favret & Manez with Sophie Braganti.

“Côte d’usure” is a set of vertical dyptics each composed of a black and white photographic print and a graphite powder drawing.

The gradual dilution of geographical identities and cultural peculiarities is the backbone of our long-term work “Europe – Plan B”, which we carry out on European cities whose name begins with the letter B: Berlin, Brussels, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bologna, Birmingham …

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