Sebastien Arrighi, Simile #19 - 2016
Sebastien Arrighi, Simile #19 - 2016 Landscape of the American Far West, made inside a video game

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Sebastien Arrighi, Simile #19

Landscape of the American “Far West”, made inside a video game. Pigment inkjet draw on Canson® Infinity photographic rag 310 g/m. Edition of 3 – 2 E.A. 22.5 x 32 cm, unframed. __From “Simile” series

Live a photographic experience through a video game, as it could have taken place in real life, but “without the hair in the wind”. Grand-Theft-Auto Five, a role-playing and action video game, mimics the American West within an open world. It gives the opportunity to explore a décor meticulously crafted on the basis of reality but also nourished by a collective memory, that of a mythical Far-West, theatre of all possible.

Thus, the virtual experience inside the Sonora Desert (USA) or rather Senora (GTA-V) appears as a facsimile: not only in the ability of the game to imitate reality, illusory but striking, but above all, in the exploration that simulates the feeling of a landscape photographer imagining himself treading this earth for the first time.

Sébastien Arrighi

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