Sebastien Arrighi, Death Valley, California 2019
Sebastien Arrighi, Death Valley, California 2019

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Sebastien Arrighi, Death Valley

Death Valley, California 2019. Photographic print, pigment ink, glut on Dibond, wood framing, anti-reflection glass and UV. Dimensions: 24 x 30 cm or 40 x 50 cm. Edition of 5+2. Other dimensions available, in agreement with the artist. The work was presented in a 270 x270 format in “Blue Back” print as part of the exhibition “Silent Show” at the Sintitulo gallery in Mougins, May and June 2019.

There is only photography to prevent the landscape from looking like the landscape.

There is only photography to give the immediate pleasure of images this ability to connect by some point our gaze and our body to a radical but elusive divergence, a warm and different way of apprehending reality. It is that a strange corporality, which is specific to the mist or streaks of the outside, makes the deep and intimate content of the images of Sébastien Arrighi. In his photographs there is that tension of a desire that unfolds between bodies, objects, pieces of landscapes, without the thought being able to express it. These are anonymous and opaque relations that occur without words, without a name; covered and masked relationships.

Like this roughly cubic stone, streaked with pink and around which small pebbles are lost in a kind of sand or cement (Death Valley, California, 2019). The opacity and secrecy of this stone makes a little darkness hold above it while the light of the stone appears with a vigorous and clear tone. And we are immediately caught in a whiff, in the rapid changes of perspectives and colors that is unique to the most sensual encounters, where intimacy is touched to the skin in its changes, its elusive variations, its contrasting planes (…)

Text from:

Paul Emmanuel Odin – Silent Show. The dissimilarity of image to thought (desire)

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