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Marta Zgierska, Votive figure X
Marta Zgierska, Votive figure X

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Marta Zgierska, Votive Figure X, 2019

Photography – pigment ink print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl, mount on Dibond, painted oak frame. Editions: 5 copies in 80 x 57.2 cm format and 3 copies in 130 x 92.9 cm format. —– Availability: format 80 x 57.2 cm 1/5 and format 130 x 92.9 cm, 1/3.

The cult of appearance

The Votive Figure series refers to votive offerings. The ex-votos (thanksgiving plaques) are set by believers to ask for protection or healing, most of the times addressed to Virgin Mary. These offerings sometimes materialize as a figure in anatomic wax. Their origin is nonetheless prior to Christian tradition. For instance, a votive hand been discovered on a archaeological site in Syria. In each case, the offering involves a form of forfeiture or a sacrifice to the offerer. Marta Zgierska coats herself in wax and dedicates parts of her body to a new cult: the one of beauty. The discomfort caused by the heat of the wax on her skin is the sacrifice. With this sleek and flawless aesthetic, this series of photos illustrates the importance that women place on beauty. Like many artists of her generation, Marta Zgierska is interested in the intrusion of social networks into our lives such as Instagram and how they influence the way women look at themselves. In Selfkiss Iand II, she creates specific sets evoking selfies.

__ Le chat perché, 2019


Views from exhibitionswhere the Votive Figure series was presented (selection)

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