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Extinction. The World Without Us

“Human destruction of the living world is causing a “frightening” number of plant and animal extinctions, according to a growing number of scientists, studies, publications, and reports. In the last century, the awareness that human activities are harmful to the environment, to life in general, including that of humans has increased. Wars, climate change, diseases, pollution, technological escalation, deforestation are just some of the threats that challenge the survival of the species. 30 photographers selected by Urbanautica Institute. More on: http://www.urbanautica.com”

Urbanautica is an independent publisher specializing in photography, visual anthropology and cultural landscapes.

The World Without Us (project and portfolios)

Free and free access, full edition

Free and free access, portfolio of Sebastien Arrighi

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Jean Philippe Roubaud, Didascalie 1: Nature/Culture

Jean Philippe Roubaud, Didascalie 1: Nature/Culture

Catalogue de l’exposition éponyme de Jean Philippe Roubaud à la galerie Sintitulo, du 17 novembre 2017 au 13 janvier 2018.

Publié avec l’aide du CNAP – Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

Textes: Jean Marc Réol et Cristina Albertini Bahnarel.

Traduction: Cristina Albertini Bahnarel et Maurag Jordan.

Photographies: Jean Philippe Roubaud et Favret & Manez.

54 pages, couverture souple, édité à 500 exemplaires

ISBN: 978-2-9560839-0-0

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Marta Zgierska, Afterbeauty (book)

Marta Zgierska, Afterbeauty

Released for Marta Zgierska’s Blush exhibition at the Biala Gallery in Lublin, Poland in 2019.

The book contains all the images from the Afterbeauty series as well as the texts written by Iwona Kurz and Zofia Krawiec .

soft cover, 220 x 300 mm
Photographs: Marta Zgierska
texts: Iwona Kurz, Zofia Krawiec
translation: Karolina Banach
typographic design and typesetting: kilku.com
Editor: Biala Gallery Lublin, 2019
ISBN 978-83-62191-27-7

On sale at the Sintitulo Gallery

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Couverture du livre publié aux éditions Analogues, 2018

Arnaud Vasseux, Pièces non balayées

Monographie, publiée aux éditions Analogues.

Auteurs : Philippe Cyroulnik, Olivier Kaeppelin, Fabien Faure, Arnaud Vasseux, Sally Bonn, Emmanuel Latreille, François Durif.

: 22 x 30 cm, 160 pages, broché.
Langues : français, anglais.
Parution décembre 2018.
Isbn : 978-2-35864-110-4.

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