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Favret & Manez avec Sophie Braganti

05/07 – 30/08/2019

The only way to get through one of these “vallons de ville” is on foot. No car, no bike, no scooter, you have to walk, find the entrance, sneak between the wastelands, the pudding cliffs and follow the creek bed. The exhibition “A deux pas des chiens” presents works from the collaboration of the duo of photographers Favret-Manez with writer and poet Sophie Braganti. They explored separately the “vallons obscurs” of the city , then confronted their work to lead to a creation, where the encounter between photography and text allows to enrich the artistic act in a broader field of complementarity of languages.

This is not the first time that Anne Favret and Patrick Manez have felt the need to associate occasionally with other artists, this was the case for the series Rotterdam (Anonymous Editions, Marseille, 2000) Jean-Christophe Nourisson and more recently for Coast of Wear (2018), a set of pieces co-created with Jean-Philippe Roubaud presented last year in the exhibition FRAC Outside the Walls, Topo-Graphie, at the Museum of Photography in Mougins.

The presence of the text in the photograph brings an outfield, an opening to an exterior to the image. If the gaze on the valleys turns these natural sanctuaries into threatened landscapes, as if collapsing, the words refer us to the jungle of nature and the city. Endangered wild landscapes, presences and traces, spaces of freedom “close to dogs”.

The text is not a counterpoint. There is a fusion between the white cast and the black and white print, intertwining leaves and lights, pebbles and tangled words. Like the rocks of the dark valleys, photography becomes permeable and lets itself be penetrated by the text.

Exhibition as part of “Des marches, démarches” carried by the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. This event on the scale of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur territory explores the incredible wealth of travel on a human scale while bringing together many cultural actors of the territory.

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Sophie Braganti

Sophie Braganti

Sophie Braganti is a writer and poet. She has written some twenty books (Amourier, Tipaza, Gros Textes, Plaine Page, Mango/Dada, Growing up, Belem, DAV, Propos2…),

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Eric Caligaris

Eric Caligaris

Eric Caligaris relates sound works to visual arts, sociology and architecture. Born in 1965, he has practiced several instruments since the seventies and formed his

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past exhibitions at the sintitulo gallery

Marta Zgierska, Votive Figure II

Marta Zgierska

17/01 – 08/03/2020
galerie sintitulo, mougins

In her (not so) counterfeit and perfect images in many ways, Marta never ceases to play her own role in her ceaseless quest for the more-than-perfect. When she wears the mask of this role to be played, she also plays mine and yours: all in search of this more-than-perfect against which ancient wisdoms would warn us (…)

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Jean Marc Andrieu and Arnaud Vasseux<br>Quel hasard

Jean Marc Andrieu and Arnaud Vasseux
Quel hasard

20/12 – 10/01/2020
galerie sintitulo, mougins

The “hasard” that gave rise to this body of exhibition begins with a workshop visit. A visit during which finished works and works in progress beckon us at the same time, with an insistence of their own. “Workshop drawings”, as the artists like to call them, and which are often not necessarily produced to be shown but constitute a kind of vacancy of the mind (…)

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Arnaud Vasseux - Sol à Issensac, 2013. Copyright of the artist, courtesy Sintitulo gallery.

Comment on marche

03/10 – 31/11/2019
galerie sintitulo, mougins

Subject of scientific and technical investigation, walking is seen here as the motive artists choose to state the content of their art. This exhibition pursues an inventory of the forms that the walk in art has taken, in the wake of the works with which the notion of landscape was initiated: solitary journey, stroll, imaginary journey, reconnaissance or documentation, crossings of territory, scientific or proxy travel…

Exhibition as part of: “des marches, démarches”, a cultural event on the scale of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region coordinated by the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

With: Sebastien Arrighi, Elia Cantori, David Casini, Favret & Manez*, Jean Philippe Roubaud*, Jérémie Setton*, Arnaud Vasseux* (*Artists whose works are part of the Frac PACA collection).

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Arnaud Vasseux Document

Arnaud Vasseux
Mes Saisons du Dessin: Dessins d’Eté, Dessins d’hiver

22/09 – 8/12/2018
galerie sintitulo, mougins

Molding and impression are the main terms within his creative process, repeatedly introducing issues related to photography, to the emergence of image, to the dialectic relation between positive and negative. In his sculptures, just as much in his paper works, the features and the qualities of different materials provoke a large variety of gestures (…)

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© Arnaud Vasseux, courtesy galerie Sintitulo. Document (Camargue), 2013

Arnaud Vasseux

8/03 – 24/04/2019
galerie sintitulo, mougins

The exhibition crosses several lines of research by Arnaud Vasseux, in relation to the activity of walking, displacement, natural elements and their transformation.

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