Sophie Braganti is a writer and poet. She has written some twenty books (Amourier, Tipaza, Gros Textes, Plaine Page, Mango/Dada, Growing up, Belem, DAV, Propos2…), books by artists and in numerous magazines. She is also an art critic, has written for many artists in the press (Dada, Verso Arts and Letters, Verso Hebdo, Art Today, AICA website), digital magazines and catalogues.

She was a member of the editorial board of the magazine Dada (Mango et Seuil) in 1991.

She has been working in writing workshops since 1999 (children, teenagers, adults, seniors) in various structures (media libraries, libraries, National Education, EPAHD, museums, galleries, prisons, bookstores).

She participates in poetry festivals (Poetry Has a Face, Poetry of both Shores, Les Eauditives, Clermont-Ferrand Poetry Week 2016).

For three years, she organized meetings with nearly 60 poets and artists in the form of duets, poets and artists say… with the Theatre of Photography and Image and the BMVR Louis Nucéra of the City of Nice.

A walker and traveller, she concentrates the gaze of some of the scenery in her writings, but also in photographs and videos.