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The Fairest Of Them All

A photographic diary co-written by Olivia Gay and Mariane Pearl, produced by Chime For Change, Kering Foundation – 2017.

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Remy Roche, Olivia Gay, photographer. Grief and confinement: a double punishment, Midnight Words, Franceinfo TV, – 25/04/2020

Brigitte Trichet, A Woman at Work”: portrait of documentary photographer Olivia Gay, Hemeria – 24/04/2020

Cedric Citran, The Great East captured in the eye of five photographers, Grand EstHeritage – 20 Nov. 2019

Anne Elizabeth Philibert, “Envisagées (Considered)”: Olivia Gay photographs these women we don’t see, France televisions culture 23 Apr. 2018

Zaha Redman, Hotel Drouot Gazette, 04/13/2018

Ellen Feldman, Women’s Review of Books, July/August, USA, 2018

Dominique Baqué, Droit de regard, droit de cité (Right to Look, Right of City), La Revue, MEP, Paris 2018

Clementine Mercier, A Woman and Women, Liberation, 06/2017

Emilie Chaudet, The early mornings, Disappearing with dawn, France Culture,15/06/2017

Claire Guillot, Et voici le travail (And Here’s the Job),M Le Monde magazine, 05/2013

Carole Boulbès, 2009, year of France in Brazil, ART PRESS, 2009


Olivia Gay was born in 1973 in Boulogne-Billancourt, France. She is a graduate of the New England School of Photography, Boston, USA and the National Graduate School of Photography in Arles, France.

His work has been exhibited at the European House of Photography in Paris, at the Château d’Eau Gallery in Toulouse. Her work has been highly awarded so far, by: Grand East Photographic Mission, HSBC Special Joy Hendericks Award, National Center for Plastic Arts – France, MAST Bologna Foundation, Kodak Critics’ Award.

She lives and works in Normandy and has been preparing a PHD in art at RADIAN, Normandy, since September 2020.

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