The photographic art of Favret & Manez is a script.  The language they use is being structured by what can be qualified as moments. Of these moments, time with space and then the body are the actors. And memory intersperse. 

  Landscaping, as a sudden neologism, would mean, by what we hear, what spreads out, the country; urban, natural land sometimes hybrid landscapes. The image as popular imagery and its vintage communication form, with the new information to be red on the panels or the commercial posters and the road signs is to be seen as a real palimpseste. 

(Sophie Braganti)



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About the work of Anne Favret and Patrick Manez.

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Metroplex, urban landscape by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez
About Metroplex
– interview with Jean Christophe Nourisson

On the occasion of their exhibition “Metroplex #1” at Atelier Soardi in 2008, this interview with Jean-Christophe Nourisson evoked the main questions that his own work has in common with the research of Anne Favret and Patrick Manez: our urban condition.

The interview was published in “Exporevue” at the time of the exhibition.

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Anne Favret et Patrick Manez, de la série "Plan B". Boulogne #2
– by Sophie Braganti

How to make liveable what so often resembles disorder, neglect and veneer of absurd plans and policies tending to minimize, to reduce the place of the human. Our eyes sort, agency, reorganizes. It invents or reinvents.

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Metroplex - Anne Favret and Patrick Manez
Urban Prose – by Michel Poivert

The “big city” has been the heroine of modernity for more than a century, the man who travels through it as an anonymous adventurer. But adventure is no longer, by definition, a struggle against the dangers of virgin spaces. Adventure is an exploration of the theatre that man has built around himself. Watching is learned, it must be repeated (…)

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Main wok series.

_Anne Favret and Patrick Manez invite sometimes other artists to intervene on their photographiy work.

Hyperboréal - Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

Hyperboréal – Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

The Hyperboréal photo series was created by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez during a residency in Iceland in 2015. They found the opportunity to continue their meticulous and documented research on the contemporary landscape, which is based on a study of the topographical but also historical, economic or social characteristics of the place.

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Arpenteurs - by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

Arpenteurs – by Anne Favret and Patrick Manez

“Is there a world where your past reappears as if it were reality? This world is known to fans of fantasy literature and moviegoers, including admirers of Andrei Tarkovsky or Steven Soderbergh. (…) Anne Favret and Patrick Manez are a bit like the hero of Solaris. They took a closer look at a strange city, the Calern Plateau astrometric observatory located between earth and sky, not so different from a space station.” Michel Poivert

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Arnaud Vasseux - Sol à Issensac, 2013. Copyright of the artist, courtesy Sintitulo gallery.

Comment on marche

03/10 – 31/11/2019
galerie sintitulo, mougins

Subject of scientific and technical investigation, walking is seen here as the motive artists choose to state the content of their art. This exhibition pursues an inventory of the forms that the walk in art has taken, in the wake of the works with which the notion of landscape was initiated: solitary journey, stroll, imaginary journey, reconnaissance or documentation, crossings of territory, scientific or proxy travel…

Exhibition as part of: “des marches, démarches”, a cultural event on the scale of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region coordinated by the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

With: Sebastien Arrighi, Elia Cantori, David Casini, Favret & Manez*, Jean Philippe Roubaud*, Jérémie Setton*, Arnaud Vasseux* (*Artists whose works are part of the Frac PACA collection).

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(a selection of monographs or photography books where the work of Anne Favret and Patrick Manez are presented.

Exhibition in pairs: "Des nouvelles de nos contrées lointaines" (News from our faraway lands), with Jordan Pallagès, Villa Cameline, Nice, 2017


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