Arnaud Vasseux gives a determinant place to phenomena, materials and their handling as a processes that help understanding and sense making.. He considers processes that make forms to take shape from materials going through different states, such as plaster, resin, wax or glass. He considers their nature and makes possible those forms that combine combine fragility, instability, resistance. His work involves notions of space, time and set while exploring the possibilities of molding and imprint techniques.


Exhibition views


Jean Marc Andrieu and Arnaud Vasseux<br>Quel hasard

Jean Marc Andrieu and Arnaud Vasseux
Quel hasard

20/12 – 10/01/2020
galerie sintitulo, mougins

The “hasard” that gave rise to this body of exhibition begins with a workshop visit. A visit during which finished works and works in progress beckon us at the same time, with an insistence of their own. “Workshop drawings”, as the artists like to call them, and which are often not necessarily produced to be shown but constitute a kind of vacancy of the mind (…)

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Arnaud Vasseux - Sol à Issensac, 2013. Copyright of the artist, courtesy Sintitulo gallery.

Comment on marche

03/10 – 31/11/2019
galerie sintitulo, mougins

Subject of scientific and technical investigation, walking is seen here as the motive artists choose to state the content of their art. This exhibition pursues an inventory of the forms that the walk in art has taken, in the wake of the works with which the notion of landscape was initiated: solitary journey, stroll, imaginary journey, reconnaissance or documentation, crossings of territory, scientific or proxy travel…

Exhibition as part of: “des marches, démarches”, a cultural event on the scale of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region coordinated by the Frac Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

With: Sebastien Arrighi, Elia Cantori, David Casini, Favret & Manez*, Jean Philippe Roubaud*, Jérémie Setton*, Arnaud Vasseux* (*Artists whose works are part of the Frac PACA collection).

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En Reserve<br>- Arnaud Vasseux and Abdelkader Benchamma

En Reserve
– Arnaud Vasseux and Abdelkader Benchamma

6/07 – 28/09/2019
angle art contemporain, saint-paul-trois-châteaux

ANGLE contemporary art, with the collaboration of the Museum of Tricastine Archaeology, presents the exhibition: En Reserve that brings together Abdelkader Benchamma and Arnaud Vasseux. Although coming from two different practices – drawing for the first and sculpture for the latter – they join together on their respective questions about and with matter.

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Arnaud Vasseux <br>Selon un pli synclinal

Arnaud Vasseux
Selon un pli synclinal

“Standing there, at the foot of a fault, at the foot of the synclinal of Saou, a rare and moving formation. Folded plastic sedimentary seat, eroded for 80 million years, became the motif of the sculptures created for the temple. The thrust of the Alps and the Pyrenees, two intertwined (…)

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Arnaud Vasseux Document

Arnaud Vasseux
Mes Saisons du Dessin: Dessins d’Eté, Dessins d’hiver

22/09 – 8/12/2018
galerie sintitulo, mougins

Molding and impression are the main terms within his creative process, repeatedly introducing issues related to photography, to the emergence of image, to the dialectic relation between positive and negative. In his sculptures, just as much in his paper works, the features and the qualities of different materials provoke a large variety of gestures (…)

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Arnaud Vasseux - exhibition view #18
Arnaud Vasseux, exhibition view (cassable).


Arnaud Vasseux’s work is also presented on  Documents d’artistes PACA

His work is being followed up by the  Centre National des Arts Plastiques.  His artworks are present in the public collections in france, often documented on Vidéomuseum.

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