Arnaud Vasseux, Creux

Arnaud Vasseux

Arnaud Vasseux gives a determinant place to phenomena, materials and their handling as a processes that help understanding and sense making.. He considers processes that make forms to take shape from materials going through different states, such as plaster, resin, wax or glass. He considers their nature and makes possible those forms that combine combine fragility, instability, resistance. His work involves notions of space, time and set while exploring the possibilities of molding and imprint techniques.


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Arnaud Vasseux - exhibition view #18
Arnaud Vasseux, exhibition view (cassable).


Arnaud Vasseux’s work is also presented on  Documents d’artistes PACA

His work is being followed up by the  Centre National des Arts Plastiques.  His artworks are present in the public collections in france, often documented on Vidéomuseum.

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