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Arnaud Vasseux, Untitled ("Encre flottante")

Ink on “Ink jet Paper HP everyday,” 2019. Dimensions: 29.5 x 20.5 cm (38 x 29 x 2 cm framed). €1100

The “Encres flottantes” that Arnaud Vasseux has been practicing since 1992 derive their method from a Japanese technique, suminagashi,or floating ink (Encres flottantes). This technique of paper capture accepts chance; it was invented in the 12th century and later spread to Europe by perfecting itself through adding substances mixed with water and inks. Now called “marbled paper” or “vat paper”, it is mainly used in the field of binding as a guard page. Arnaud Vasseux takes up this ancient Japanese technique whose gestures and elements are the least numerous and the simplest.

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Arnaud Vasseux, Creux

Arnaud Vasseux

Arnaud Vasseux gives a determinant place to phenomena, materials and their handling as a processes that help understanding and sense making.. He considers processes that

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