As a result of events related to the spread of Coronavirus, we have postponed or cancelled the exhibitions originally planned in our 2020 program. Our efforts are now focused on the accurate digital documentation of the work of our artists.

Thus, until the end of the year 2020 the space of our gallery becomes the stage for regular photographing sessions of the artworks from our stocks. Sometimes, ephemeral exhibitions will create contexts for the new approaches of certain works of our artists.

We welcome you every day by appointment to show you works to collect.

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Blush is the title that Marta Zgierska chooses for her recent shows with works from Afterbeauty and Votive Figure series. English words. All her series of images have as a title English words, full the meanings that show us the way Marta wants look at. Blush, in the language of Molière would describe the action of blushing under the effect of an emotion. We redden when shy or when confronted to pleasure. … It is the involuntary make up of our face when touched by emotion 

Marta Zgierska
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Marta Zgierska (n.1987) is a photographer. She holds MFA in Photography (The Leon Schiller National Film, Television and Theater School), MA in Theatrology and MA in Journalism (Maria Curie-Sklodowska University).

She has been awarded prestigious prohography distinctions, like: Prix HSBC pour la photographie (2016), Daylight Photo Award (2016), PDN Photo Annual New York (2017) et a été l’Artiste de l’année au DongGang International Photo Festival, Corée du Sud (2019).

She has already interesting worldwide exhibition history : The Fort Institute of Photography, Poland; Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland; Geneva, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva, Switzerland; Reminders Photography Stronghold Gallery, Tokyo, Japan and international galleries of contemporary art.

She lives and works in Warsaw (Poland).

Marta Zgierska, portrait
focus on photography


Simile is a series of photographic landscapes of the American Far West, realised inside a video game. The artist’s approach is to follow his usual working protocol on the real landscape, via his avatar.
Series composed by prints in A4 format, limited to 3 copies each and one video artwork.

and Literature

_Favret & Manez with Sophie Braganti:they have realised “Vallons de ville” by individually wandering about the same landscape. The story they tell with photoraphy and litterature treanslate their complementary emotions. Between observation, surprise and wonder, the artists give us to see through their artworks a unique experience of a ephemeral world that’s secret still.

“The nature of what we had in front of us was completely ambivalent. Was it a tiny resilient ecosystem, which got to be forgotten by the city, its pervasive neighbor, and which lies there, hidden for centuries ; or do we observe here the prefiguration of the state of our planet after the catastrophe, as the ashes displayed on the leaves would testify?” (Patrick Manez)

Contemporary Art
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__Working essentially with contemporary art,Sintitulo Gallery is a exhibition space, encounters and cultural exchanges between a generation of established artists, emerging artists and a inquiring and conniving audience.

__It is hosted by e.c.a. architecture agency and as such, it regularly manages projects of installation of contemporary art collections in private or professional spaces.

__In the framework of its program of social responsibility, our gallery initiates benevolent actions for the education to contemporary art for children. These actions have regular follow up through Esperluette, a not for profit organization.

__Sintitulo galleryhas recently joined the Artsy platform.

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We are a contemporary art gallery with location in Mougins and a on line presence for virtual exhibitions. A part of our catalog is already documented on our website within this section: Artworks.

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